The advantages of an online course are quickly obvious...they save you time and money, you can work at your own pace, and you are not locked into a class schedule.
At Sagamore, our online offerings of pre-licensing education courses have been well received in the marketplace. We carefully screen all courses to assure that they are timely, instructive, and current in content.  A great number of our participants utilize a combination or our online courses, company-sponsored classes, and traditional classroom offerings in order to meet their continuing education requirements.
With pre-licensing insurance education, three avenues are available in most states:  classroom, self-study, and online.  At Sagamore, we believe that the information delivery method is far less important than the design and quality of the content.  A poor-quality classroom licensing course will not improve by putting it online.  At Sagamore, we believe that a logically sequenced text written in a crisp, conversational tone that specifically addresses the exam content is the keystone for any method of delivery.  Our texts meet and surpass this requirement.  Both the Property & Casualty and the Life & Health Resource Guides are plain English primers written with the single objective of preparing a candidate to pass the state insurance licensing exam.  Only the exam-essential insurance terminology is utilized, and it is defined before it is used.
The online courses that we've built use these texts as our educational foundation and take the student on a step-by-step journey through the state required curriculum.  There are numerous practice tests which allow the user to monitor progress as the information unfolds.  Numerous shortcuts are provided that often reduce a page of information to a power phrase of a dozen words or less.  The Key Points following each chapter capture the essential testable information into 15-20 bite-sized phrases for students to learn and to remember.  Our Practice Final Exams are written by subject matter experts who have written questions for the testing companies that actually administer state insurance exams,  These final exams replicate both the style and the difficulty level of the state exams.
But, there is an important caveat for students selecting an online preparation course for the state exam...the course will not work if you don't.  If you require the motivation skills of a classroom instructor to drag you through the material or if your home or work environment is not conducive to your ability to focus, then perhaps an online course is not appropriate for you.  At Sagamore, we want your prelicensing educational experience to be successful end rewarding--even if that involves choosing someone other than Sagamore as your educational provider.  If you make your choices wisely, your entrance into a new and exciting career need not be a frustrating or an expensive event.
ONLINE COURSES ... are they right for you?
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